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San Francisco ABC7 Live Coverage of Shooting at Oikos University in Oakland


Shooting at Korean Religious School in San Francisco

There’s apparently been a shooting at Oikos University in Oakland, CA. It’s a school catering to Koreans that offers courses in religion, music and—oddly, in this context—vocational nursing. Henry K. Lee of the San Francisco Chronicle reports police are seeking a middle-aged Korean man.


Gross couple arrested for murder of Vt. teacher...

Allen Prue and his wife Patricia Prue are accused of a vicious crime straight out of Law & Order: SVU—the murder of 33-year-old schoolteacher Melissa Jenkins. Stand by for nausea:

Police say the Prues used to plow Jenkins’ driveway and investigators found Allen Prue’s business card on her kitchen counter.

But Jenkins’ apparently cut ties with the couple last fall after Allen Prue showed up drunk and asked Jenkins out on a date.

Prue’s wife denies playing any role in Jenkins’ murder, but according to court paperwork, Allen Prue told police his wife lured Jenkins out of her home with a phone call, saying they were having car trouble and needed her help.

Allen Prue allegedly admitted the whole thing was a ruse to “get a girl.”

In this situation it’s a good bet that if the wife is telling the truth at all, she was physically and/or emotionally abused and probably terrified of her husband.

Or she’s plenty psycho herself. 

Click through to read at your peril if you’re a single woman. It’s the stuff of nightmares.


Best Buy realizes everyone is exhausted the moment they walk in the door, decides to streamline...

Best Buy will close 50 of its “big box” stores and open 100 of what the AP terms “small mobile locations.” The retailer has been forced to radically cut costs as everyone began realizing big box stores are just the most exhausting, awful retail experience, ever. Though Wal Mart is apparently still getting a pass. Then again, SUCH BARGAINS there.


More about the idiot who tried to bring explosives on a plane in Philly

Police say he was wearing a backpack that contained “explosive (pyrotechnic) powder and three M-80 type fireworks.” The man reportedly said he was fooling around with the stuff and simply forgot they were in his backpack.


Federal background checks so far haven’t shown a connection with terrorism but that won’t matter to most of the right-wing bloggers who are gearing up to blame this on Obama. 


Ron Burgundy’s “Anchorman” Announcement - CONAN on TBS (by teamcoco)

Probably the only news that really matters today. 


Some early morning panic for ya!

A man was arrested at the Philadelphia International Airport this morning for possessing something that looked a lot like a bomb. He was reportedly flying to San Francisco.